Gauri Priya Bora is the author of The Tinkling Tales blog and Tinkling Tales podcast. She enjoys stories — reading them, listening to them, watching them and telling them. Gauri is a lover of words and collector of life-lemons. She has a special recipe for making sweet-and-sour lemonade too — which is a useful thing to know considering that she gets drained easily. Naps, tea, book, talk and book-talk, music and movies help her recharge.

Gauri is based in Assam, India and is a Zoology student with a minor in Biotechnology. She is passionate about all things living and the healing power of words.

Read Close The Door, a co-written web novella in 12 parts
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Posts of Interest

A Little Something

Oct 2, 2020

Just the usual struggles of a student from next-door.

Work-in-Progress *1 Castle of Leaves

Started off with the working title of Meandering Souls.

Currently working on Draft Two. Bad pitch in one sentence: A group of misfits in search of their personal truth in a utopia whose ruler is baffled as to why her people are not happy even with all the criteria of a happy life fulfilled.

It is Okay, even good to feel embarrassed of your old writing.

Just don’t stop being proud of yourself for writing it.

Surbhi From The Sidelines: My second Novella at 16.

🌻I have grown as a person. I have a different outlook towards life as a 21 yo than as a 16 yo. But different doesn’t mean bad. My words from back then portray my priorities from when I was younger. There is no reason to cringe or damn my words as childish and immature.

Instead, it is wiser to keep gathering new experiences and most importantly, to KEEP WRITING.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A Heavenly Mess! The Novella I wrote as a 13-year old.

🌻I’m happy to read it now. It’s not the best work that has ever come out of me but it is certainly the most innocent and hilarious…well other than some parts of Surbhi From The Sidelines.