7 Things I’m grateful for (other than Oxygen) (11/12/2020)


Winter sunshine

There’s a sweet old song in my native Assamese that my mother likes to hum every winter and sometimes irrespective of the season and I like to hum it with her. It goes something like this:

সুমথিৰা ৰঙৰ, জাৰৰ কোমল ৰ’দ্ ~ sumthira rongor, jaror kumol rowd

(The tangerine-hued soft winter sunshine)

এবাৰ অত্, এবাৰ তত্ ~ ebar ott, ebar tott

(Here it falls, here it goes!)

পৰো-নপৰো কৈ উঠি গৈ পৰে ~ poru-noporu koi, uthi goi porey

(Hesitant, it dilly-dallies before it saunters)

জাৰণিৰ মাজত, জৰাৰ পাতত।। ~ jaronir majot, jorar patot.

(Off to the bushes; it rests upon the citron leaves)


Good-humoured elderly shop-owners



I have a little story out here for a while now. and its very amateurish audio version is available here. Just saying 🙂


Old denims

I discovered a pair of my brother’s old denims in a corner of the sweater closet today. Now I just got to convince Ma to let me cut it to fit. I am okay with the bagginess but it’s a bit too long for my sad five feet even height.




Good tailors

Let me tell you something important: a good tailor will never flatter you. Never. In fact they’ll be brutally honest and super deft and super duper quick with on-the-spot work like doing a quick fix or fitting. That’s how you know they’re good at their job.


Thermal PJs

That’s all I got for now. Thanks for stopping by 😊

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