Things I’m Grateful For (other than Oxygen) (13/12/2020)



You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.

Jonathan Safran Foer
That moment in Inside Out when Sadness saves the day


My parents

Here’s the truth, plain and simple — I don’t appreciate my parents enough. But they’re the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me (if/when Me=an energy ball floating around the universe trying to find a way to reach and live on planet Earth).

I like my brother too, and I’ll include him in my gratitude list if he stops poking me for three days straight.

My father was probably telling my brother not to click until we said “Cheese!” — which he did anyway. Also, my mother knitted that cute purple sweater.


Cheesy novels with emotionally mature characters

Sometimes you just need some sweetness in your life. I recently discovered Penny Reid, who is a wonderful and admirable author of fiction. Her characters feel real and lovable. I read a romance novel after a long time and the way Reid spun an endearing story around a subject as difficult as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in one of her books ‘Beard in Mind’ that it made me want to read all of her books, if only to get to know her characters and to learn something from them to become a better person in my own life.

There are three instead of seven things today but on the plus side, I’m really, really really grateful for these three things. And I’m sleepy.

Thanks for stopping by🌻


    1. It’s a pleasure, friend! And thank you so much. It’s the same for me too, I am honestly looking forward to more posts from you. Could you please write more personal experience posts along with your regular posts? Just a little request, no pressure! Thank you for following my Instagram page, that’s really sweet of you. I’m sorry to disappoint though, but I haven’t been active in there for a while now. I’m working through some social media anxiety issues and I’m almost getting there but I’m not quite there yet. I’ll visit your page as soon as I’m back there for sure. Thanks once again 🌻 May you have a fun and productive week!


      1. You’re very much appreciated! I’ll try to post more personal stuff if my brain permits. Sometimes it’s not that easy for me to organize my thoughts when it comes to writing stuff like that. Number one reason is the language. English isn’t my mother tongue. 😀

        No worries, dear. Take all the time you need. Will be here to support you. You matter. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Truly, thank you😊 and oh believe me I understand. I face that same problem, trying to translate my thoughts accurately to English (we have that in common! English isn’t my first language either. Amazing how it helps us overcome barriers and make friends though ☺️). Also, you’re very kind 🌻


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