Things I’m Grateful For (other than Oxygen) (15/12/2020)


Sunshine and Lobo

Lobo and I were napping in the sunshine today and it felt really nice but I don’t have a picture because I didn’t have my phone with me and felt too lazy to go back to my room for it (the above is an older pic). Plus, his coat was soft and warm from his bath earlier which was nice too 🙂


Cinnamon sticks

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Yes to cinnamon sticks. I have one dangling from my mouth, two in my pocket, a few broken pieces in my wallet and a secret stash in the kitchen closet. You know how you can tell if a pumpkin is going to be yummy by the thickness of its stalk? In my experience, the thinner the cinnamon stick, the spicier it is. The ones that make my eyes water are the ones I love best.



My mother loves her plants more than her children. Maybe that’s why they outdo themselves.

Thanks for stopping by 🌻

My friend Riya made this portrait of Lobo for his birthday on December 5. She’s sweet 🙂

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