Biscuit and Mouse’s Joint Account

I wrote this story on Rakshabandhan 2018 (I’m aware that today isn’t Rakshabandhan. It’s just that I found this story after a long time and I couldn’t wait) on an online writing platform under a pen-name. Also, my brother and I haven’t grown substantially mature since then.

FYI before you start🍪🐁

🍪Biscuit= my big brother. Figure out by yourself why I call him that. He can eat all the cookies in the world—-and yet brood over me eating the last biscuit in the jar. and mind you, he is 24, an engineer and the Cookie Monster from Sesame street.

🐁Mouse= me.

That’s it. So here goes—-

The Grumobile

Biscuit: Oi, I need to fetch a parcel from college. I’ll get back before Ma and Deuta return. DO NOT spill a word about this, got it?

Mouse: Why, are you getting a delivery of uranium or something?

Biscuit: Yep, you got me.

Mouse: Seriously, I’m curious.

Biscuit: I’ll show you when I come back if you promise not to tell ma. I gave my college address so it’s gonna get delivered there.

And of course, Mouse promised obediently…with fingers crossed.

Biscuit returned 30 mins later.

Mouse: So?

Biscuit: (unpacks the thing excitedly) I got the Batmobile on sale!

Mouse: Batman’s car?…(then adds)..’toy’ car?

Biscuit: (searching for a paper cutter in my penstand) yes! They were giving it for 20% off at a baby toy website.

Mouse: (pretentious accusing tone) You just snatched away a toy from a possible baby buyer. What do you have to say for yourself?

Biscuit: (finishes cutting through the last layer of cardboard of the parcel) Oh…

Mouse: Are you ashamed of yourself? Are you? Are you? The nation wants to know! Speak up!

Biscuit: No…no no no..oh

Mouse: (confused) what?

Biscuit: (confused) this ain’t the Batmobile, this is …

Mouse: (snatches it from Biscuit’s hands) The Grumobile!!! From Despicable Me! I’m keeping it. (Solemnly states) Thank you very much.

Biscuit: (looking at the package for explanation)
Hmm…so they give away the cars in random or what? I wonder if this would happen with the rest of the orders as well

Mouse: You have more cars?!

Biscuit: (smirks knowingly) a few. You can keep the Grumobile. I already have one of those.

Mouse: Show me!!!!

A few…haha (note the sarcasm). He got fifty hotwheels cars in two weeks, now safely tucked up in a box in his bottom drawers. Apparently, they are not to be played with but to be “preserved as a collection”

Nevertheless, Biscuit and Mouse raced all afternoon and through evening.
When they decided to call it a day, Mouse whined and squeaked till Biscuit agreed to save up some money with Mouse in her piggy bank so Mouse can buy her own cars and stop nibbling at Biscuit’s brains.

(Based on true events)

The End.

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