That One Thing

There’s always that one thing to a person’s character— take that out of them and you’ll end up with a human being that’s little better than a piece of stone that has no heart, that has no possibility of growth, that cannot truly love anything or anyone, not even itself.

For most people, it’s that one thing they fear losing the most. Mind you, it’s something other than family, friends, and least of all, wealth; it is something other than youth.

No, this is something that is ageless, this is the only thing inherent to your being that will ensure that you are a healthy, toothless, giggling lady (or gentleman) with a lot of things to chatter about and to laugh about when you reach ripe old age.

The reason this one thing is so important is because it defines you, it keeps you sane. It is an outlet, an incantation, a sure fountain of satisfaction — all rolled into one. This thing keeps you fulfilled enough for you to have the headspace and heartspace to treat others right, to love your loved ones the way they deserve to be loved.

It’s the thing that makes you happy doing it. That makes you feel like you’re being true to yourself, that you’re creating something of worth, that you are something that is alive, and capable of growing.

It could be having a superpower of warmth that makes others see a healer in you, that makes others want to knit their own love into your blanket so that it becomes an eternal protective rug around all those who come to warm their cold feet and shivering hands on it.

It could be the love for writing that makes you want to listen to stories told with eyes and gestures and sometimes, words. It could be a love for reading, that makes you want to read the world that holds you, and to show others how light can be read in lines that seem to portray only darkness upon first glance. It could be a love for music that makes you want to whisper rhythms into each falling leaf, each broken heart, each lonely dove.

It could be something that is indescribable, abstract, undefinable even. But the thing is, it craves to be realized, to be discovered, by the person who holds it.

By you.


One of the wisest people I know and one of the best friends I have, Suchi Saikia added an interesting point to this concept that I wholeheartedly agree with.

[6/24, 7:19 PM] Suchi: Is it actually possible for there to be just one thing? And not a few?
[6/24, 7:19 PM] Gauri: It could honestly be more than a hundred different things
[6/24, 7:21 PM] Suchi: Or a superposition of a few things 😂


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