A Brief Intro To My Work-in-progress

Gauri Priya Bora

Nice to meet you, I am Gauri. I live in Assam, India and I write stuff. And read stuff. And read about writing stuff. And write about reading stuff.


If a story is in you, it has to come out.

William Faulkner

First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!

Ray Bradbury

My work-in-progress has a lot to do with death, rebirth, animals and platonic friendships. I’ll keep you guys updated. Meanwhile, what’s your story about? I am all ears.

WIP Aesthetics for Castle of Leaves, what I earlier used to call Meandering Souls

All photos are credited to https://unsplash.com/ https://pixabay.com/ and https://devdutt.com/articles/land-of-yama/

The photos for the WIP Aesthetics of Castle of Leaves (from the left):

Richard Gatley
Patrick Hendry
Donald Teel
Rachael Crowe
Annie Spratt
Outcast India
Nazym Jumadilova
Ramesh Iyer
Joel Filipe
Bret Kavanaugh

___All from Unsplash.com


“I remember the time I died. I remember how it didn’t feel like death. I had always thought of death as a dreadful thing, the infinite nightmare; the black hole that consumes everything you’ve ever had and pulls you into the bottomless pit of oblivion.

But now that I recall that one time when I lay covered in blood and grime, writhing on the crude asphalt of a midnight road, I remember how it didn’t feel like death.”

Working cover for Castle of Leaves


A newly appointed apprentice to Yama, the God of Death, waits for life to pass her by. A boy from the world downstairs is escorted to help with a mission. A friendly Tistaper, who also happens to be one of Yama’s trusted apprentices—lives for adventure and something else that he can’t quite put his finger on. A meticulous girl who just wants a scholarship at Humm, Yaraiva, “the most prestigious university in the five kingdoms of Pansaloka and a steady part time job, thank you very much”.

Impostors are infiltrating Mother’s realm. There is more to a certain brown-eyed crusty-haired child than meets the eye…

Is there more to life than surviving? Is there more to existence than dying?

They are about to find out.

@the_straying_shadow for cute pictures of our pupper Lobo and updates on my WIP!